Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Got a question for you???

Good Morning all, hope everyone is well! Have had family from Scotland staying for a few days, so i've not had too much time for crafting or blogging, just popped on now before work.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you all about taking part in blog challenges - how to go about doing it, and, as a blog challenge newbie, what challenges to look at??

I love taking part in the Docraft challenges, 'cos they can be fab to get the mojo flowing, but thought i might like to have a look at the challenges in this neck of the woods........


  1. Hi Lisa
    There is loads you can look at i have a few on my blog on my side bar,just take a look see what the challenge is and take it from there if you need any help email me or pm me on dc,
    hugs Dianne xx

  2. challanges are great fun and really easy -like Dianne I have a list of challenges on my sidebar link, with what day the challenges start so you could pick one up at the weekend and have a go. I really like creative inspiration challenges on wednesdays and mo's digital pencil on thursdays.

    As to how you do it, just read carefully each post. Some are a layout, come a theme and others a colour range and then just go. Once you've done it. Add it to your blog, clearly stating which challenges they're for and back linking the post (so make sure you put the challenge blog http addresses in)then either add your name and link using Mr Linky or in the comments section depending on which challenge you do.

    Hope you have a fab time trying some challenges out soon! x

  3. Hi Lisa, at last I can see all your blog and its lovely, your cards have always been great, but now I can see you too and your hubby, great pic! thanks for helping me with the blogging. Love Teresa xx


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