Wednesday 25 August 2010

fab day out!

Hi all, hope you are all fine and dandy! Cant believe the summer holidays are nearly done, im back to work tomorrow (boohoo!) but have had a couple of great weeks off. Started with a very busy, and extremely fun long weekend in Scotland, spending time with Alistairs family, and yesterday rounded my hols off with a trip to London with my mum and kids. Many years ago I used to work in an office in Whitehall, but never did much touristy stuff, so I really enjoyed what we did, thought i'd share a few piccies of the day:
The London Eye

Big Ben!

Megan and Cameron just about to attack Hamleys!

Natural History Museum

This is Cameron at the Science Museum

Sunday 8 August 2010

I've got the 'ump!

Because im going to be hosting the next Gorjuss Girl challenge on DC, but the bloomin' site with all its bloomin' technical problems wont bloomin let me!

I was really organised for once and had made my card already to start the challenge yesterday, and so far - nothing!

Will keep you all updated when (hopefully!) we get started.

Saturday 7 August 2010

what i got up to this week......

not having to rush around and do two school runs in two different parts of town has freed up a bit of crafting time in the afternoon for me, so thought i'd share with you all a couple of my cards from this week.

Thought i'd had a bash at making my own "tickets" this week, Seriff Page Plus se is the program i use for nearly all of my cardmaking, and used this to draw a square then inverted the corners inwards. Played around with it a bit and was pleased with what i created! The image is a donated H&S stamp - isnt he gorgeous!

Hubby asked me to make this wedding card for a friend of a friend, the wedding cake is a Pink Petticoat image, and i added sticky pearls to give it a bit of detail.

Hoping it stops raining and the weather cheers up a bit today, was hoping to get out with the old flymo and get the gardens tidied up a bit today.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday 6 August 2010

A very hungry caterpillar!

Well 21, yes 21 very hungry caterpillars in fact! This is what i found a couple of days ago when i went to water the brussell sprouts that we have been lovingly growing.


Monday 2 August 2010

a little bit of Tilda...

This is the card i've made for Ginny's Tilda Challenge (on DC) I downloaded the christmassy looking paper from Summer Driggs a while ago, and have been looking forward to an opportunity to use it - absolutely love the colour combo and I thought it would be fab for this card.