Saturday 8 May 2010

What a grotty day today!

Cant believe how cold, wet and miserable it is outside today. Caught up with the h*******k this morning, and so far have had a fairly leisurely afternoon, have made two cards, and given myself a bit of a blog makeover, have dabbled with backgrounds a few times, but this is a bit more drastic, i like it, hope you all do too. xx


  1. lisa,your blog is so fresh looking,love it,x

  2. Hi Lisa, love your blog background, keep wanting to change mine but it all went to pot last time I tried. Thanks for your comment on my digi card, you daft thing, it won't look any different on DC you know!!
    Take Care Debs xx

  3. wow great new background lisa, i love it.luv coops.xx


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