Wednesday, 1 December 2010

In case you've not seen enough of the stuff already...

Thought i'd share a few snow pic's with you!

The first ones were taken on my way to work this morning. Cant think of anything worse than driving in the snow, so I walked in. It took me about 45 mins, but probably would've been less if I hadnt stopped to take photos!

I had to walk the full length of this field!

I did also stop to say hello to these ponies.

People ask me which one of my kids enjoy the snow the most - hmm, let me think now, lol!

This was on Tuesday mid-morning and the snow was about 21/2 inches deep - we are now up to about 5inches, and due more tonight - grrrr!

This is the view from Megans bedroom window, it looks surprisingly picturesque for an area that totally isnt!
Both of my kids have been off from school for the last two days, and im having to use some of my holiday leave time to be at home with them, but have managed to get in a bit of crafting time too, so will upload the results later.
Keep warm and safe friends. xx


  1. hi lisa,looks fab but sure its not that practical,and your snow falling on pics is great,x

  2. Great pics, I am hoping to take my cameras to Elvaston Castle this afternoon if it doen't get any worse :o)
    Jackie xx


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