Wednesday 18 January 2012

something a bit different from me.........

My Mum makes gorgeous scrapbook pages, which I spend ages drooling over, so I decided it was time for me to have a bash at it. However I dont get an awful lot of time to spare and dont have  huge amount of space to work (until my craft shed is up and running!!) so I thought I would do it digitally, so to speak. Have been tinkering around with a few different layouts which I will share with you in the fullness of time, but what I do have to say that I love about digi-scrapping is that its soooo much easier to move stuff around, for someone like me that can be a ditherer...........also the lack of having to tidy up afterwards is a bonus too, lol

Anyway this is a layout that I put together for my step daughter, and it features her ickle furbaby Lucy. I would really value your comments on this one xx


  1. A beautiful scrapbook page. I haven't tried digi scrapping yet because I like the hands on approach, but I do mean to try digi eventually :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. This looks fab Lisa. I'm loving digi scrapbooking too - no mess and no waste! Carol x

  3. It's fabulous Lisa...and the wee pussy cat is so cute too...!

    have a lovely afternoon...hugs Vicky xx


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