Sunday, 5 February 2012

no business like snow business!

Im sure there will be loads of snow pics doing the rounds over the next few days, but I thought i'd share a few too.
 Nippy, own little snowplough!

 My front garden at 2.00am

and at 8.00am

My "lovely" brother got my kids sledges for Christmas, and they have been bursting to roadtest them, so I have a horrible feeling that I may get dragged into this.......hopefully back later xx


  1. You are right Lisa, just uploaded one myself. Have fun sledging :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Have fun and enjoy the sledging. xx

  3. Hi Lisa - thanks for posting your piccie on the forum! Dont lose your white doggy! :-) Lea xx

  4. well i hope you are not stuck somewhere on a sledge looks lovely,glad it passed us by though,x

  5. Bless...he looks so adorable Lisa...and I hope you had lots of fun too..

    stay warm sweetie...and big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Hope the sledding was fun! I looked at these photo's and thought OMG! We had snow like that once in the last 40 years (about 25 years ago) and if it just falls or is seen in the air we get very excited! Our mountain is inclined to have snow on it a times like Christmas (southern hemisphere summer)but while we look at it we don't usually go up there to play in it! Living by the sea means usually no snow. Enjoy!


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