Wednesday 31 October 2012

the one with no card!!

Nope, not one card at all! Just wanted to share with you all, some of the bits that I have been working on for the Christmas Fair at my parents church in a few weeks time
Desk Jotters: these gorgeous bulldog clips were a fantastic bargin from Staples - got a big bag of about 40 of them for £3!!!! Fancy squares are Go Kreate dies

Bookmarks: My hubby uses these giant paper clips for his work timesheets......well I just had to rescue some from his bag and make better use of them!

Mini notebooks: these were 18p from Wilkos, going to do a few more, and try and find similar of different sizes.

Pringle tin Santa pot: probably going to put candy canes and/or festive pencils in this - was quite pleased with the way this turned out, so will probably do a couple more.......this will involve more eating of the pringles though!!!!

Have also been working on the likes of Reindeer food and Reindeer poo - will add photos at a later date. I know some of you are doing bits like this at the moment, so hope you like these and if they have given any ideas and inspiration - all the better xx


  1. What a selection of brilliant projects. Caroline xxx

  2. great projects Lisa - will have to get to wilkos for some of those notebooks - even if |I don't get around to doing anything with them they'll be handy to have around the place! Love those bookmarks too - what fun!!! xx

  3. great gift ideas,especially the santa tin,x

  4. What a lot of lovely gifts, I love the desk jotters :o)
    Jackie xx


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