Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bit of an unusual post from me today, and I will apologise in advance as I am not my usual happy self.
If you've followed my blog for a while now, you might remember that earlier in the year I was making sample Wedding stationary for my step-daughter and her fiance', after waiting for nearly two months for them to decide what they wanted I made the Wedding and Evening invitations, shortly after this my step-daughter had a conversation with my hubby (her dad) and told him that she didn't want him to give her away as she didn't want to "upset her mum and step dad"!!! As you can image my hubby was devastated about this, not least because he let my step daughter move in with us at 16 to get away from said step father, he taught her to drive, helped her find work, helped her when she wanted to move out and live with a boyfriend and then helped her move back in when it didn't work out and we even let her best friend move in with us too, as she faced becoming homeless. If that wasn't painful for him enough, when he commented that if he wasn't getting to be "involved" with the wedding, did she even want him there at all......the response he got was that he could please himself!!! So we talked together and made the decision that we wouldn't attend the wedding at all.
 I decided to continue with making the wedding stationary as I didn't want anyone to be saying that "we'd" not contributed anything to the day. However, every time I mentioned order of services or seating plans, I was fobbed off with excuses, for over three months.  Bearing in mind that the wedding is this Saturday (20th), my step daughter turned up at my house TEN DAYS AGO asking when I would be able to make order of service cards (x 60), reception seating plan and name place settings for 90 guests!!!!! I'd got hold of a large piece of card to do the seating plan so I agreed to do that, but that was about it......I do work 5 days a week as well!
When my stepdaughter emailed me through the guest list, I don't think she realised but this list was attached to another email that her fiancé had sent to the wedding co-ordinator at the reception venue thanking her for helping out at the last minute, as his fiancé's stepmum (aka me) had "become very
unreliable" God only knows how I managed to keep a civil tongue in my head when they came to pick them up last sunday!
I've been dithering around all week as to whether or not to blog these photos, but I reached the decision that its stuff that I've made and despite the circumstances I'm pleased with how they turned out - so there we go.

Seating plan
 in more detail, to show the embossing, this was also a feature of the invitations
"wedding box" for guests cards etc.
So, I'm sorry that this is a bit of a downer, I promise that my next post will be a more cheery one xx


  1. Oh Lisa, no wonder you are upset. It's such a shame and it's so unkind of your step daughter to treat you and your hubby so badly especially after everything you have done for her.
    Your table plan and thank you box are really gorgeous.
    Take care
    Sue xx

  2. Well am impressed you held your tongue and didn't have a go as know I would have and also told them where to stuff it!! But your order of service and box is super x

  3. OMG Lisa, I am lost for words! Like Kay, I don't think I would have been able to hold my tongue, you did exceedingly well to manage that, and the result is that no matter what, you can hold your head up high.
    Beautiful box and table plan...hugs
    Jackie xx

  4. Awww Lisa - what a trial for you - big hugs hun xx

  5. I dont think I would have held back, bloomin rude is what I call it! I an sorry for your husband must feel so hurt, one day I hope she realises what she has done, too late of course but then she will have to live with it!! Hugs Lisa and you did an amazing job they are fabulous!

  6. Oh Lisa I am so sorry to hear about your troubles wedding are bloody awful and I know what you and your hubby are feeling and going through, you can pick your friends but not your family. She sounds as though she is very ungrateful and could do with a good slapping. Sending you big hugs. Love Alison xx

  7. OMG Lisa, reading this, I would be absolutely fuming and certainly would not have been able to hold back or hold my tongue and would have ripped the lot up in her face, especially reading the email as well - how utterly selfish, disrespectful and hurtful. Goodness me, I know weddings can be hard when there are second families involved, but your husband must be absolutely heartbroken - I hope she comes back down to earth with a thud and realises what she has put you both through. Sending HUGE hugs your way. The seating plan and card box are fab by the way! Claire xx

  8. Aw this really got me thinking. I am married to a wonderful man who has actually bought my two kids up along with a child of our own. Although he is not my daughters father he has bought her up since she was six and he would be devastated if this happened to him (slightly different circumstances to yours but they do not see their father at all). It is such a shame you will miss out on the celebrations. Your seating plan and box are fab and if doing those for her is not reason for your step daughter to try to mend bridges I don't know what is. Keep your chin up Lisa
    Best wishes Lea x

  9. well I feel really angry for you just reading about it hun so heaven knows how you and hubby feel.
    as the saying goes, what goes round comes around and lets just pray your step daughter realises that at some point.
    your creations are fabulous but I imagine they were hard to make.

    xx coops xx

  10. Well done for rising above it and holding your tongue, you've left the door open, and, at some point, when the chips are down, she'll need her Dad again.
    Your wedding creations are beautiful. Big hugs to you xxx


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