Tuesday 10 March 2015

Measurements for my Fancy Fold card

Thank you for the lovely comments on this card, on the actual post itself. I have had two emails about the measurements and sizes of the card, so in case anyone else is interested..........

I had found a template for this shape but for whatever reason my folds didn't seem to be in the right place and my card looked after a bit of trial, error and a few sheets of A4 screwed up in rage, lol, I finally managed to make it work using my own sizes. I have attached a photo of the card laid flat with relevant measurements of horizontal length and vertical height. The matting and layering inside of the card was pretty much measured by eye.

I used a Martha Stewart border punch for the edge of the front panel. It had been my intention to go all the way up with the punch but I found when it levelled off on the back panel it just didn't look right. Can't remember the "name" of the punch as I've had it for ages, but I thought it worked well on this card as the pattern isn't too deep.
Any questions, please feel free to ask xx 


  1. Beautiful project, love it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lisa, I was wondering how big it actually I know xx

  3. This is one of my favourite cards around blogland at the moment! Its fabulous Lisa. Thanks for sharing the measurements. Lisa x


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