Friday 1 May 2015

31 day blog challenge - day 31

"weird quirk of mine"

What just the one???

Ok, well I can barely get through the day without saying "Oh my Giddy Aunt" at least a dozen times. I also have my own words for things, like lids are "liddy-tops", remote controls are "telly box buttons" and I am currently talking to you all via the "wibbly, wobbly web"

I am also particular about the way I eat certain foods, I call it quirky, my hubby calls it fussy!!!

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  1. What great Lisa...isms!! Now then, Mars bars are the things that have to be eaten "just so" in my book...nibble the chocolate off the ends, then the soft base so that all that's left is the chocolate top and the caramel!!! Yum!! Actually reading that back it's quite disgusting...yum nonetheless!! Have a good weekend, if you aren't working xx


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