Monday 18 February 2013


After much shilly-shallying, feet dragging and generally faffing around my step-daughter has asked me to make her wedding stationary for her forthcoming wedding - in July (yep, July!!!)

It was originally discussed two years ago when they got engaged, but then she turned up at my house on Friday and out of the blue asked what was" happening about the invitations". If im being honest there is a part of me that would like to tell her where she can shove the said invitations, particularly as when I asked what sort of thing she wanted....she had no idea, did she want modern or tradtional....still no idea, I just about managed to extract a colour scheme out of her and told her that I'd make up a few samples for her to have a look at during the week.

So, I am wondering if any of you lovely folkies have made Wedding stationary either for yourselves or someone else - do you have any pictures on your blogs that I could have a peep at for inspiration, or do you know of any blogs that might inspire me........

thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Lisa:) are you on Pinterest? great place for ideas :)
    I made my own invitations for my wedding in 2007, feel free to take inspiration from them :)
    I will try and copy and paste url of the post for you :) :)
    Im making my Sister's invites for next year.
    Always best to keep them as simple and unfussy as possible. Hope this helps :)


    this is url Lisa, let me know if it works?

    Marlou :)

  3. I made a pile for a wedding fair I did last year, you can see them here:

  4. no suggestions Lisa - Just wishing you a lotta luck and suggesting you keep it simple!!!! Hugs xx

  5. thank you for your help so far xx

  6. Good luck Lisa,making wedding invites is my idea of hell lol

  7. Hello Lisa, I made my invites for my wedding last year and also my Sister's the year before. As we had both been previously married we went for a simple unfussy design - you need to keep to something simple but stylish as you have to duplicate this many times. Pinterest is a great way to find some inspiration or even just google images - hope this helps and good luck. Hugs, Claire x

  8. oh good luck others have suggested pinterest is full of amazing ideas :D

    xx coops xx


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