Sunday 14 June 2020


Bit of a weird thing, but I have noticed that in my news feed, on my own blog posts, you can't see anything of the photos that I have added to the post, but you can on other people's......this has only recently started to happen.......what's going on



  1. Not sure what you mean...I've never been able to see my post in news feed?..So really cannot help...Mind come to think of it if i follow my own blog i might..Will have to try it..xx

  2. I've noticed this on someone else's blog that I follow, but don't know the answer I'm afraid Lisa, sorry xx

  3. Ok following my own blog..and can see pics. So sorry cannot help..Do not know whay uou cannot..xx

  4. At re you using the new version yet? Just wondered if it might be to do with that, I can’t see your pictures in my feed but can see everyone else’s x

  5. I couldn't post since Thursday, I didn't have an upload thing, I had to drag mine in, not sure whats going on with it, I couldn't schedule my posts as it wouldn't let me, a nightmare at the moment I hope they fix it soon, hugs Pops x

  6. Hi Lisa

    I couldn't see a picture on my reading list for this blog post but can see one for tonight (15.06.20).

    I haven't had your problem, but sometimes mine reverts back to the old version all on its own, and sometimes my own posts don't arrive on my reading list until ages after.

    Perhaps things are still being sorted out with Blogger.

    Love Jules xx

  7. It's driving me MAD!! It's different every time!! I hope the live version will be sorted out!!


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