Tuesday 14 April 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge - day 14

"what's in my handbag"

I was intending to take a photo of the item in question but according to my photo the sd card is faulty (no idea, but that doesn't sound to good!) and my boy has forgotten to put that I-pad on charge

But anyway..........Purse, locker key, pen, chewing gum, name badge for work, receipt for a blouse I got recently, but as far as my hubby knows I've had it for ages (note to self - hide the evidence!), mobile phone, car/house keys, dog poo bags, Paracetamol, Vaseline a bit boring really! 


  1. Just catching up with your last few posts Lisa, my handbag wouldn't be very exciting either. Sue x

  2. Those darn poo bags get everywhere don't they Lisa - every bag, every pocket. I am enjoying reading your challenge posts x Susan x

  3. Yours sounds much the same as mine Lisa although I was amazed to find just how much of what I was carrying around belonged to my daughter! x

  4. My hubby calls my handbag a brick, so jammed packed !!


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