Thursday 23 April 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge - day 23

"Pet Peeves"

oooooh here we go, lol

Ok, I don't like people who are a little too fond of the sound of their own voices, shall we say.

Get the hump with people who overdose on Facebook! Like, do we need to know your every move - we already know that you life is clearly soooo much more exciting than ours......and you've already posted a dozen photo's of your baby this morning, so do we have to be subjected to another load!

I know its petty but I don't like it when they have groups like the Scouts doing bag packing at the supermarket......don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to donate to their cause, but I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to packing my shopping and I don't wanna have to explain to a bored 13 year old, why it is imperative that the boxes of dog food MUST go in the flowery bag etc etc

Don't like having to wait for people....time is precious and I don't like wasting it like waiting for my husband to get ready so we can go shopping, or like sitting in my daughter's school car park to give her  a lift home with her heavy text books, only to find she's been sitting in the common room drinking coffee and nattering with her friends.



  1. The more I am getting to know you Lisa I realise how alike we are...I could have written those pet peeves myself!! I don't "do" facebook (well I do actually but only because of the Christmas DT I am on!!) for exactly the same reason as you - I have no interest in the minutiae of Joe Bloggs' day. I get really miffed when the Brownies try to pack my shopping in fact on the odd occasion that Connor is with me he rolls his eyes and walks away as he knows I will be ordering the little darlings around in no time at all!! I DON'T WANT SQUASHED BREAD!! Waiting? I have "Where are you" as a saved message on my phone!! xx

  2. Lol...totally with you. Especially those scouts in supermarket....go away I want to pack my own shopping. x


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