Friday 24 April 2015

31 day blog challenge - day 24

"a difficult time in your life"

Really don't want to sound sorry for myself but, to be honest I would say that sometimes it feels like I'm living it!

In July, last year my husband had to have major surgery for an aortic aneurysm. There were complications during the op and also during recovery and a very different person came home from the one that went in. Whilst the wound from the op has healed, he was suffering for a while with depression (which by and large has passed although he still has the odd  "down day") has also had an on going bowel problem, we went on for months without anything much getting done to help, but then his vascular consultant referred him over for a sigmoidoscopy (camera in back passage) this indicated that there was "something" there, but due to its positioning they were unable to determine exactly or to get a suitable biopsy. A few weeks ago he had a CT scan which again highlighted "something", when I asked the consultant what sort of something it was he indicated that it could well be a malignant tumour. Needless to say our hearts sank and for the next few days we were both certain that Alistair was in the early stages of bowel cancer. We have since seen a colorectal surgeon, and whilst he can't and won't rule out that this might be the case, having looked at the CT results he feels much more certain that there is an inflammatory issue in his bowel (can't begin to tell you how relieved we were to hear that!). The next stage is that Alistair has to have another camera but this time under general, so that they can have a better look and hopefully take a more accurate biopsy.
we also lost my dad at Christmas and its tough at times dealing with my own grief and trying to support my Mum.

After "beating" oesophagul cancer last year my brother is currently undergoing scans as it looks like he has a secondary tumour on his brain.

Can't really say much more than this :( 


  1. Oh, Lisa! Sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are to have so little trauma in our lives but when I read how much you have been through it makes me realise that I am very blessed indeed. I can’t even begin to imagine how terrible it has been for you and your family. Healing hugs to you all! xxx

  2. Oh Lisa, I've been popping in and out of your blog posts and reading all your likes and dislikes without any comment, but today I felt it would be plain rude to have a nosey and not just say hi! I knew about Alistair's aneurysm and op, and your Dad, but I had no idea you were dealing with all those other issues. Life can indeed be cruel and hard to understand at times. I so hope that your worst fears don't materialise for both your hubby and your brother. Indeed a very difficult time for all. Sending you all my very best wishes. Jx

  3. oh lisa. life is so cruel at times. big hugs xxxx

  4. Sending you some hugs Lisa xxx hope hubby's test shows that things are not serious and lets hope your brothers condition is manageable too - life can be very shitty sometimes but there is light at the end of the tunnel - believe me Lisa l have been there many times and survived....just x Susan x


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